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Hello, I’m Peter Enns, the CEO of Kelowna Virtual Assistant. I or someone from our team can design your website, YouTube video, animated GIF or whatever. We can research & write your blog posts. Research could include interviewing you by Skype or telephone.

My credentials

  • Creating websites since 1996
  • Once started a wholesaling company from nothing. (So, I understand small business.)
  • 28 years later I sold it to my main supplier.
  • One year the company was nominated one of the five best distributors in our industry in the entire country
  • Company did so well because my main business skill is marketing.
  • As we work with you, marketing your company will always be one of our main focuses.

Years ago I learned one important thing about running a business:

  • Focusing on customers’ needs is more important than focusing on my profits.
  • So, if we work on a project for you, we will keep your needs in the front on our minds.
  • We will also keep your budget in the front of our minds.

How much?

When teaching, we cost out our time at $57/hour. (That’s US dollars. If necessary, use the Currency Converter to translate the USD cost of a project into your currency.) When doing a project for you, we estimate the time it will take and give you a fixed budget.

Your expectations

One of my beliefs is that work should be fun. If a customer is not happy with our work, that takes the fun out of it. Also, in order to get new customers, we’re dependent upon getting favourable reviews from you.

So, let us know your expectations. If we feel uncomfortable trying to meet them, we may be able to recommend someone else.

This page gives links to the six main subjects with which we work. If you need some virtual assistance, fill in the form below. Let us know what you would like. We can start a conversation.

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