AdWork Media FAQ


Q. Head code  How do you insert code between the two <head> tags?

A. Go to

    • Plugins > Add New
    • Search for header and footer
    • Find the first on with the message “Compatible with your version of WordPress”
    • Install & activate it
    • Click on View Details to see how to use it
    • In my case, I used the Header and Footer Scripts plugin

  • After I activated it, the image you see here appeared directly below my editing panel
  • I simply added my code there and saved the page.

Q. Incentivized traffic  What is incentivized traffic??

A. It is traffic that you incentivize (offer them something or give them something) but first they must complete an offer.

Q. Smartlink  What is Smartlink?

A. It’s an AdWork Media tool that will auto pick different offers to show for various geographical areas. So, for a single advertising campaign of yours, Smartlink  can pick a number of different ads depending upon the countries in which it is shown.


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