How to Let Us Design Your Affordable Website

(Last Updated On: November 7, 2017)

affordable websiteLet us create an affordable website for you.

In the 21st century, EVERY business needs a website.

Learn how we can design your affordable website that is:

♦ Search engine optimized.

♦ It will look good on a

or a Tablet

♦ A Basic Business Website has

* A home page
* A contact us page with a Google Map
* Local optimization to hopefully put you on Google’s page 1
* Two business email addresses that link to your regular address.  E.g., &
* An About Us page.


♦ Fill in the form below. Tell us what kind of affordable website you have in mind. We can talk over the phone and come up with some sort of plan.

Other options to add to your affordable website

❃ Appointment calendar allowing people to book appointments online.

❃ Help setting up your social media promotions including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Instagram

❃ Help to create quizzes that subtly promote your business.

❃ My business background is marketing. I can help you think outside the box to promote your business.

❃ Create special sale page with links from home page and throughout website. See sample website.

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