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(Last Updated On: March 12, 2020)

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affordableHello, I’m Peter Enns, the CEO of Kelowna Virtual Assistant. I’ve been creating websites since 1996 & I’d like to help you with your online needs. It will be quite affordable.

I once started a wholesaling company from nothing and sold it 28 years later. The company did so well because my main business strength is marketing.

So, let’s talk about which of your online needs we can help you with.

Affordable websites

We can create a website for you. It will have

  • An attractive header
  • A home page that describes your business
  • An About Us/Contact Us page with a Google map
  • It will be locally optimized to hopefully get you on Google’s page one when people are searching for local businesses
  • Two business email addresses that will be linked to your regular email address

How much does it cost?

The above basic business website would cost you $400 USD (plus tax if you live in Canada). That is the lowest we can go & still create a website we can be proud of.

As we add more & more features, it can end up costing you several thousand dollars.

While working on your website, we can add features such as

  • An appointment calendar allowing people to book online
  • Promotions on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Instagram
  • Quizzes that subtly promote your business on social media
  • The website you are looking at now is one that could end up costing you several thousand dollars.


We can set up your blog and get you started using best practices. We can even interview you on Skype and write blog posts for you.

Affordable online flyers


We can help you create online flyers. Each product can have up to two links to informational web pages. They can even link to how-to videos that we help create for you.

Note: In order to utilize online flyers effectively, you will have to have an extensive email list.

Social media links

We can help you with your social media marketing. Whenever you wish, we can enter a blurb into the social media of your choice and have it link to a web page, YouTube video or whatever you would like.

We can set up your Facebook page or LinkedIn account. (The video below tells you how to add a video to your Facebook page.)

Speaking of LinkedIn, this page tells you how to add a YouTube video of yourself to your LinkedIn profile.

There are 8 steps involved with adding that video. They are also explained in the video below.


From a marketing point of view, video is more important than ever. We can create your YouTube videos & animated GIFs.

Your online needs

What are your online needs? If you have a small business, we can help you with them. And it will be quite affordable.

Questions, comments?

Do you have any questions or comments about how we can give you some affordable help for your online marketing? If so, fill in the form & send us a message.

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