How to Create Content Marketing Posts & Link from Social Media

(Last Updated On: December 19, 2017)

What is content marketing?

content marketingThe Content Marketing Institute defines content marketing like this: Content marketing is a marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.

Let’s break that down. It is a

  • Marketing technique
  • It creates and
  • Distributes
  • Content that is
    • Valuable
    • Relevant
    • Consistent
  • Purpose is to
    • Attract and
    • Acquire
    • A clearly defined audience
  • With the objective of driving profitable customer action.

Some types of content marketing

There are many types of content marketing:

  • A blog post like this one
  • Infographics
  • Books
  • Podcasts
  • content marketingVideos

“Videos?”, you ask. Look at the example of the Volkswagen ad from the 2014 Superbowl.  Take the 60 seconds to watch it.

The ad was released on YouTube the Tuesday before the game. By noon the day after the game, Search Engine Watch tells us, it had been viewed 11 million times.

It could be considered content marketing because, from the viewer’s point of view, it is

  • Valuable (presents them with humour plus valuable information)
  • Relevant (entertaining like viewers expect Superbowl ads to be)
  • Consistent (entertaining)

Most people who would watch the video were presently or potentially drivers. The ad showed Volkswagon in a very favourable light. It therefore could

  • Attract and
  • Acquire
  • A clearly defined audience.

In turn this would drive

  • The profitable customer action of buying more Volkswagens.

Content Curation

The above section defined content marketing. This section will tell how to get consistent, relevant content for your blogs.

1. Twitter

content marketingI use Twitter to help me get started. All of my blog posts somehow relate to social media marketing. So, I go to the Search box at the top of my Twitter page and search for that term.

content marketingThis will take me to a number of other people’s posts about social media marketing. The one shown here has 720K followers. So, it is obviously an influencer.

Such a person would have lots of quality Tweets about social media marketing. So, I clicked on a link from one of them. It gave me a subject for my next blog post.

2. Google

content marketingMy next step is to use a search engine such as Google and curate content. For today’s post I searched for pages about content marketing.

I scanned the pages. Whenever I found a good one, I would immediately add it to Related Pages at the bottom of the page that would become my blog post.

I give the page (not post) a working title and save it. Then, whenever I some more information about the topic, I search through one of the related pages.

In today’s post, I am using lots of my personal experiences. So, I do not have to curate as much as I often do. I highly recommend that you read through those Related Pages to give you a greater sense of the nuances of content marketing.

Finishing touches

After I’m finished the post, I make sure that it is search engine optimized with Yoast SEO. There will be a persuasive meta description.

One of the Yoast SEO parameters I do not concern myself about is the focus keyword being at the beginning of the title. It is much more important to have a high quality title that makes people want to start reading the page.

content marketingSo, I use Headline Analyzer to help me get a title with a score of at least 70. Then I change my working title.

One important finishing touch is to make sure there enough quality images. I just read yesterday that there should be one image for every 75 – 100 words.

Social media marketing

The next step is to start linking to the post from social media. I always start with Twitter. I use Hashtagify to find the best two keywords. I always use exactly two hashtags per Tweet.

Next I’ll link to my new blog post from a Facebook page & from Google Plus.

The next step is to create an article in LinkedIn summarizing the post. It has a number of a pictures and leaves people with the desire to know more. So, they go to the post.

Later on I will link from Twitter to the Related Pages web pages. I like to leave a half hour or so between Twitter posts.

End notes

Create page before a post

content marketingThe WordPress blog posts always have Previous and Next links at the bottom. I do not want my previous post to link to a post under construction.

So, I start it as a page and, after I am virtually finished, I copy and paste the source code into a post. I

  1. Save it and make sure it looks right
  2. Trash the page
  3. Write the Yoast SEO meta description
  4. Make sure it has the correct permalink ending. (The permalink ending for this page is content-marketing.)


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