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(Last Updated On: March 12, 2020)

You NEED a Facebook Business Page

Saying you don’t need a Facebook Business Page is about as silly as saying you don’t need a website. Your Facebook Business Page may be the first point at which someone contacts you. Without it they may never have contacted you.

Setting up your Facebook Business Page

(You need a personal Facebook account before you can get a Business Page.)

1. Go to facebook.com/business

2. Click the blue Create a Page button

3. Select category of business

Choose the category of business that applies to you and then click Next.

4. Fill in the About section

Write the kind of business you are. Keep in mind that there are a maximum of 3 categories that you can choose.

5. Profile picture

You can use a logo, a product or your personal mug shot. If you have a restaurant specializing in hamburgers, you may want a picture of a hamburger. Use what seems most logical.

6. Add to favorites

This step is optional. If you want to toggle between your personal page and business page with any regularity, it makes the process a bit simpler.

7. Preferred page audience

This is where you filter out people who won’t do you any good by going to your business page. So, put some thought into it.

You can include things like your city, distance from your city, age, gender and interests from a list of interests.

8. Check your Facebook Business Page out

You’re almost finished. Click through the prompts so that you know where everything is. You also may notice some things such as operating hours that are missing. Or perhaps you could use a few more QUALITY pictures. Now you can add them.

9. Call to action

Facebook has a panel with this in the upper left-hand corner: Edit Call-to-Action Button. Choose a button and make sure it links to your website.

10. Settings

Click the Settings button near the upper right-hand corner of your Facebook page. Read over every choice and make sure it is optimized for the way you want customers to relate to your page.

11.  Promote your Facebook business page

Invite family & friends to “like” the page. Promote it on Twitter & your website. Add follow us logos in your email signature & promotional materials.

We’ll setup a Facebook Business Page for you

Click here to let us set up your Facebook Business Page. We’ll do it right.

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