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(Last Updated On: December 19, 2017)

Graphics & Social Media

With billions of posts out there, you need something special to grab people’s attention. Otherwise people will just skip by your posts. Use graphics.

People will look at something like a blog post for 2 seconds. If something doesn’t grab their attention. This post does 4 things to grab people’s attention in 2 seconds:

  1. Uses a header that tells a story
  2. Uses a headline with a high headline analyzer score
  3. Include a graphic that tells a story about the post
  4. Use that graphic in such a way that the opening text lines are short. Then people are more apt to start reading.

Sources of graphics

Do not randomly copy graphics over other people’s websites. You could be sued thousands of dollars for theft. I read about one lawyer who specializes in suing people for image theft.

There are three legitimate ways of getting graphics:

  1. Totally free graphic websites
  2. Paid graphic websites
  3. Websites that give away lower quality images for free and higher quality images at a cost.

Adobe Stock

My favourite paid photo website is Adobe Stock. It costs $30 USD per month for 10 photos. What you do not use can be downloaded in following months.

Adobe Stock has over 30 million very well indexed images. For instance, if you search for “fingers on keyboard zeros ones”, you will be able to choose from 29 images related to those words. If you have the budget for it, I would recommend it.

Caveat before you sign up

I found that I was not using enough images. So, I started the process of cancelling my subscription. I got the above cancellation fee message.

They gave me to take the next 60 days at no charge if I would not cancel. So, that’s the option I took.

Other sources of images

To find a combination of free & paid, go either to or With the nocostphoto option, you purchase images with points as opposed to fix dollar amounts. Click on the pink Prices and Download Plans tab and then the Credit Packages tab on the left. This will give you the current cost of the points.

Find 10 sources of free cost images.

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