How to Use Instagram Hashtags to Improve Your Business

(Last Updated On: March 12, 2020)

Instagram hashtagsIf you have amazing photos or short videos, Instagram can be a great way to promote your business. However, the photos or videos won’t do any good unless people find them. The best way to help people find your posts is to use the right Instagram hashtags.

How Instagram hashtags work

Instagram hashtagsA hashtag is a string of one or more words with a pound sign in front. People use them to find posts on Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Suppose you have a business that takes Bicycle tours through Myra Canyon. So, you upload a picture of Myra Canyon to Instagram. Along with your picture, you write about your bike tour company along with a link to your website.

In the SECOND comment window, you should add at least ELEVEN hashtags. Start with #MyraCanyon. That increases the probability of your post being found. However, there are 5279 posts in Instagram that use #MyraCanyon for a hashtag.

So, you experiment by adding different words to the hashtag. #MyraCanyonTrestles has 1083 posts. So, that increases your probability of being found a bit.

Local search

Instagram hashtagsLots of people use Instagram search much like they use Yelp. So, you may want to use #BikeToursMyraCanyon for a hashtag. As of this writing, no one uses that hashtag on Instagram. So, it would be easy for people to find YOUR business.

Go to This is a good way to find what hashtags people are using on Twitter. If people would use certain hashtags on Twitter, they would use the same ones on Instagram.

Hashtagify uses a popularity rating relative to the most popular hashtag on Twitter. The most popular hashtag would have a rating a 100.  Is you search for #bikes on Hashtagify,  you see a popularity of 56.1. However #cycling is even more popular with a popularity of 67.6.

So, you search for #cycling in the search box. All of this searching would tell you what kinds of words are in people’s heads. So, you can expand your local search with #CyclingMyraCanyon, #BikesMyraCanyon and #BicyclesMyraCanyon. Enter these hashtags in both their singular and plural forms.

Let someone create your Instagram hashtags for you

You may wish to let a professional upload your Instagram photos and create your hashtags for you. Read about the Instagram Upload virtual assistant to learn more.

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