How to Make an Instagram Image the Ideal Size

(Last Updated On: December 19, 2017)

Instagram image — the first image in your blog post

Instagram imageYou want the first image in your blog post to be the same one as your Instagram image. That way there is continuity when people go from your Instagram post to your blog post.

Size of Instagram image

By default, Instagram will crop your image to make it square. If you want an uncropped rectangle, it must be in the proportion of 1.91:1

You don’t want your image to be fuzzy on a large computer screen. So, 300 pixels would be a good height. In that case the width would be 573 pixels. (300 x 1.91)

Change Instagram image size in 8 steps

To change your image size to 571 x 300 pixels, add bars to the bottom or else the sizes. Use either Photoshop or GIMP.  (GIMP is much cheaper.) Here is how to change the size using GIMP:

1. Open image in GIMP

Go to File > Open to open the image that you used in your blog post.

2. Change height to 300 pixels

Instagram image
Go to Image > Scale Image to change the height to 300 pixels

3. Decide upon colour of bars

Drag eyedropper tool from Toolbox to picture. Select a colour for your bars.


4. Change background colour

Instagram image


Use double-headed arrow to move colour to background colour


5. Create new rectangle

Instagram imagea. Click on your Instagram image
b. Click File > New
c. Change width to 573
d. OK


6. Copy & paste image onto new rectangle

Instagram image

a. Cmd C to copy image into clipboard
b. Cmd V to paste image onto 573-wide rectangle
c. Click on coloured bar to anchor image to coloured rectangle

7. Name image

Instagram imageClick File > Export As to name new image as a PNG file

Instagram image



8. Upload rectangular image to Instagram

Instagram image

Three things to remember before clicking on Share:

  • Make a comment that includes your blog post URL
  • Have 2 hashtags in comment
  • If you use Uplet to upload image to Instagram, click on angle brackets






To get a better visualization of sizing your image, watch the 2-minute YouTube video below.


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