LinkedIn Profile, How to Add a Special Video

(Last Updated On: December 19, 2017)

Adding video to LinkedIn profile in 12 steps

LInkedIn profileVisitors to your LinkedIn profile will learn much more about you if you include a YouTube video explaining what you can do for them. This page explains how to add that video.

The video at the bottom of this page explains these 12 steps more fully.

1. Create YouTube video

Create a YouTube video that promotes yourself

2. URL into clipboard

Go to the YouTube video in question and press Cmd C to copy the URL into your clipboard

2. Go to your LinkedIn website

3. Click on your profile picture 

4. Click pencil editing icon

5. Click Upload

6. Select personal photo

Double click on name of photo you wish to have associated with your video

7. Add description

Add title & a very brief description of the video

8. Click Link button

Scroll to the bottom and click on the Link button.

9. Paste URL

Press Cmd V to paste YouTube URL into box and click Add.

10. Wait a few minutes

If you wait a few minutes, you can go back into your LinkedIn profile. Your YouTube video will be the first item among the media at the bottom.

11. Change first picture info

When I looked at what should have been the final results, there were two pictures of me. Also, the info under the left picture was wrong. Perhaps it is a bug that will soon be fixed.

I changed the title and description of the left picture to describe the video.

12. Watch video to make sure it is uploaded

Beneath the left picture there should be a video icon. If it is there, click on the picture to check your work.Related pages

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YouTube video

To help you better understand the above 12 points, you may want to watch the YouTube video below.

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