Make a Website, Learn How to in a Few Hours

In the 21st century, EVERY business needs a website. Learn how to make a website that:

♦ Is search engine optimized.

♦ Will look good on a

or a Tablet

♦ Has

* A home page
* An About Us/ContactUs page with a Google Map
* Local optimization to (hopefully) put you on Google’s page 1
* Two business email addresses that forward to your regular address.  E.g., &

Why you should make a website

There are many reasons why you should make a website for your business:

1. Increase your client base

People are searching the Internet 24/7. If you include local search in your website, people will (hopefully) see your business on Google’s page 1. They will get the information they need and pay you a visit.

2. Save money on printing & distribution costs

If you have a website, you can have online flyers instead of paper flyers.

It is much cheaper to make an online flyer than to pay for printing and distributing a paper one. Besides that, more people read online flyers than paper ones. Don’t believe me? When Rona‘s stopped their print flyer for one week and replaced it with an online flyer, sales doubled.

Have a further cost saving by having someone learn how to create digital online flyers.

Let us teach one of your staff how to make online flyers. Your cost is only $37/hour!

3. Credibility

If you have a well-designed website, people have more faith in your company. They are more likely to trust you. Customers buy from people they trust.

3. Maintainability

If you make a website for your business, you can make changes to it quicker than any other type of advertising. Overstocked on something? Quickly make a digital flyer to make the it appealing to your customers. Have some new information to share with your customers? Add a blog post.

4. Improves other advertising’s effectiveness

Place web address on all other advertising. Customers can find the additional information they need.

5. Increase your visibility

Huge numbers of people are searching the Internet every day. You may be the one business they find that has what they want.

6. Easy to use and always current

Once we’ve taught you the main tricks for using WordPress, it’s simple to make updates. Have a blog and give your customers the latest information on your website.

How much does it cost me?

Depending upon your background, expect it to take at least three hours of one on one instruction. That would cost you $111 plus sales tax. Then we would email you the link to a web page that would review what you covered plus much more. It would have a homework assignment that you can check yourself.

If you still feel uncomfortable making a website, you may want to book another hour or two.

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Where do I go for private tutoring?

After you book an appointment, go to 2020 Keller Place.

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Here are a few other things you could be asking your Kelowna Virtual Assistant about:

make a website

❃ Appointment calendar allowing people to book appointments online.


❃ Help setting up your social media promotions including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Instagram


❃ Help to create quizzes that subtly promote your business.

make a websiteMy business background is marketing. I can help you think outside the box to promote your business.

make a websiteCreate special sale page with links from home page and throughout website. The links will be in the right-hand column. See sample website.




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