How To Get More Traffic To Your New Blog Post

(Last Updated On: December 19, 2017)

9 free ways to increase the traffic

As soon as you finish a blog post, you should make an effort to get lots of traffic to it. Below are 9 tricks to use to get those visitors without spending any money.

1. Use social media

trafficOnce you are good at a social medium, start using it to link to your latest blog post. If you are brand new to social media marketing, start with Twitter. Study it. Get good at it. Read How to Promote Your Business on Twitter.

After you are good at Twitter, start learning another popular medium such as Facebook or LinkedIn. Link to your new blog post and increase your traffic using whatever social media you are good at.

2. Connect to influential bloggers

Read the article called 7 Tools for Finding & Connecting With Influential Bloggers. It will tell you to join a bloggers’ group and start connecting with members to increase traffic. There are right ways and wrong ways of doing that.

I found the above article using this search phrase: How do I find a group for bloggers

3. Tell other bloggers that you mentioned them

If you mention another blogger in your related blog post, reach out to them. Tell them what you did and ask them to link to your article.

Most bloggers would be happy to do that if you have a good enough article.

4. Respond to all comments

By default, all WordPress posts and pages have a comment box at the bottom. It is usually a good policy to reply to all comments. This keeps you engaged with your audience.

If you are writing a controversial post and don’t want comments, disable comments for that post. To learn how to do that, go to this wpbeginner web post and scroll down to the red Turn Comments On/Off for Specific Posts in WordPress title.

5. Monitor results of social media posts

If you are not getting retweets, repins, etc. from social media, consider making changes to your blog post. Perhaps you can use the headline analyzer give the post a more compelling headline. Perhaps you can change the images or some of the wording.

6. Link from your old blog posts


Scan the list of your old blog posts. Find ones that are related to your new post. Link from the old post to your new one.

7. Start a newsletter

If you are a good enough writer, start a newsletter. In each blog post invite people to sign up for it. Email newsletters on your topic at regular intervals.

Among other things, this is a valuable way of getting an email list of people interested in your topic. If you sell retail, an email list is essential for having an online flyer.

8. Share twice on Twitter and Pinterest

Some social media such as Twitter and Pinterest allow you to share a post again a few days after the first one. This is a good idea for your better posts. Many people would never have seen it the first time.

9.Use Yoast SEO to improve search engine optimization 

Use the WordPress plugin called Yoast SEO. It guides you into using the correct techniques for increasing your ranking on the search engines.

Yoast SEO will help you make sure that:

  • Your post has one main keyword
  • Your post has outbound links
  • You do not use the keyword too many nor too few times
  • You title is the right length
  • And so on.



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