Online Flyers, Learn How to Make Your Own

Digital is replacing paper

online flyersOne week the nation-wide chain, Rona, decided to scrap their paper flyers. They replaced them with online flyers. Sales doubled.

Below is a sample flyer for an imaginary company called Brand X Digital Services. The flyer has up to 6 products per page. Each of the graphics on a page can hyperlink to the web page or video of your choice.

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(Note that this is just a sample flyer. Click on any graphics to see how they will link to products and product descriptions. However, they will not really be on sale.)


Add interesting links

In the samples above, there is exactly one  product on each line. Each line gives you two opportunities to link elsewhere on your website. You may want one to link to a point on a page that has an animated GIF. Animation can reinforce ideas if they are used right.

online flyersThey can also link to the very latest information in your blog. You may want to have your blog posts coordinate closely to your online flyers. Whenever you create a blog post that promotes your business, get people to the blog post by having the right product in an online flyer.

For some people, learning how to make videos comes very easy. Have someone on staff learn how to make YouTube videos. Then link to them from your flyers.

Layout of ads on web page

To have the nice neat layout of the ads on a page, you should use a WordPress plugin called Visual Composer. It is NOT available from your regular plugin menu. Learn more in this Visual Composer review.

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Learn how to make online flyers now

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