Online Store to Increase Your Bottom Line

Online stores are here to stay

online storeBuying online is becoming second nature for lots of people. Many of your customers may be switching to buying online. If you do not have an online store, you may just be left behind. You really should have an online store to supplement your foot traffic store.

$600 store

We will create your store for $600. (That’s Canadian dollars. If you are outside of Canada, use the Currency Converter to translate the CAD cost of a project into your currency.)

That $600 will include:

  • Up to six products. (Additional products as low as $37 each. Costs negotiable for greater than ten products.)
  • Up to two links from each product for further information
  • A blog setup so that you can easily add informational posts
  • An online flyer setup so that you can easily add sale products whenever you wish
  • One sale product if you wish
  • (We can create your future online flyers if you wish. )
  • Accepts credit cards using Stripe
  • Will accept coupons of your creation
  • Accepts wire transfers to your bank account
  • Accepts PayPal
  • One free month of hosting with LiquidNet Ltd Hosting, the best web host I’ve seen since my first website in 1996.

Build up that email address list

You usually cannot compete with Amazon in terms of price & logistics. However, there are other ways to compete with them.

You can build up that email list of loyal customers. Email them links to your flyers regularly.

Buy an online store now if you wish

To buy now, go to the Store Creation product page. Tap the Add to Cart button and then tap View Cart.

If you wish, pay 25% down for your online store. Pay an additional 50% when it is nearing completion. Final 25% due on completion date.


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LiquidNet Ltd Hosting

Since I started creating websites in 1996, I’ve used many different web hosts. LiquidNet Ltd Hosting is by far my favourite.

  • They have never disappointed me
  • WordPress is available and easily integrated
  • Large number of other features that have not been available with other hosts
  • Support system probably the best in the business
  • $35 USD per year

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