How to Increase Sales with These 8 Persuasive Words

(Last Updated On: December 19, 2017)

Emotional words, power words and persuasive words

persuasive wordsThis blog post is about marketing psychology. It’s about how to increase sales by using the eight persuasive words below.

  • New
  • Free
  • Because
  • You
  • Now (& other words that suggest urgency)
  • Imagine
  • Limited (Limiting inventory or accessibility to product)
  • Instantly

Elsewhere on this website you’ve been given a link that talks about power words, emotional words, etc. that can be used in headlines. They get people to read the article.

The 8 words above are not power words or emotional words that cause people to read, click and share. These are persuasive words that help make people want to buy.


Before I go on, I must acknowledge Sumo is a highly recommended site with a suite of free tools that can be used to grow your website traffic. They have lots of statistics about what happens when you make a specific change to your online marketing. Sumo is the website that provided me with the information about these eight words:

1. New

The Sumo people created two identical Twitter posts — with one exception. Sumo decided to add one of the persuasive words. One tweet began with the word “new”. That post had 422% more clicks than the other one.

Humans just love being among the first people to learn about new things. Increase your sales. If a product is new, tell that to people.

2. Free

Have you ever been at the grand opening of a new store? People will practically trample each other because the first people in will get something free.

persuasive wordsThe Sumo article mentions a researcher from Duke University who surveyed 76 people in a lineup. They were in a lineup to get a free tattoo.

68% of the people would not even have gotten a tattoo if it were not free.

People are more likely to click, buy or otherwise engage if the word “free” is used.

3. Because

The word “because” affects people’s logical functions. Read about the Harvard University study that Sumo talks about.

persuasive wordsThere were lineups of students waiting to use a photocopy machine. A researcher said, “Excuse me, I have 5 pages. May I use the xerox machine?” 60% of the people let the researcher cut in.

Continuing with the study, a researcher said, “Excuse me, I have 5 pages. May I use the xerox machine because I have to make copies?” 93% of the people let the researcher cut in.”

The researcher increase compliance by over 50% by simply adding the word “because”.

4. You

Sumo made two tweets that were identical except for the first word. One began with “Bloggers need better blog post ideas.” The other began with “You need better blog post ideas.” The  one beginning with “you” had 37% more clicks.

When a person hears someone address them with their name or “you”, they pay attention. In the example above, they pay significantly better attention.

5. Now

Here we are talking about any way in which the copy suggests limited time.

For instance, one ecommerce store had two copies of an item for sale. The copies were identical except for one thing. One included a countdown timer that gave the potential customers the idea that they had quite a limited time in which to act.

The copy with the countdown timer sold 226% more than the other copy.

6. Imagine

persuasive wordsWhen people are told to imagine, expect them to imagine. Then tell them to imagine something that makes them feel good.

Examples would be “imagine two weeks in the sun with your family” and “imagine a night in a posh hotel with free babysitting.”

7. Limited

Something often has a greater perceived value if the number available has a limited number available or is available for only a limited time.

Sumo had two tweets that were identical except for the word “limited”. The one that said “LIMITED: Peek inside Shopify’s multi-million dollar marketing strategy” had twice as much engagement as the one without the “LIMITED”.

8. Instantly

People in our culture tend to want instant gratification.

Sumo had two tweets that were identical except for the word “INSTANTLY”. The one that said, “What psychographics are, where to find them and how to use them to increase sale & conversions INSTANTLY” had three times as many clicks as the one without the “INSTANTLY”.




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