How to Promote Your Business on Twitter

(Last Updated On: March 12, 2020)

What’s your Twitter theme?

TwitterHow you promote your business on Twitter partially depends upon the theme of your account. My main channel is all about social media. So, in order to not disappoint my followers, I have to talk about social media.

Promote your business on Twitter 4 steps

1. Find & size Twitter image

In order to get people to notice your tweets, you should always include an eye-catching picture. I found a picture that would correspond with a blog post I wanted to promote.

Keep in mind that Twitter often crops the pictures to be exactly twice as wide as they are high.  So, I use GIMP to change my pictures to be 600 x 300 pixels.

I begin by using the eyedropper tool to select a colour from the picture. Then I create a 600 x 300 pixel rectangle.

I took my original picture and make it 300 pixels high. Then I copied (Cmd C) and pasted (Cmd V) it onto the pink rectangle. It was the perfect size for Twitter.

2. Create message corresponding to blog

Start with a simple message and then tweak it. So, I started with a simple message: How to use video on LinkedIn. This was followed by the link to the blog.

You can have 280 characters in each post. (Twitter posts are called Tweets.) A link to any web page uses up 23 characters. Adding an image costs zero characters.

3. Select 2 best hashtags

Hashtags are one or more words connected without spaces, preceded by a pound sign and used to find related information. For instance, the main hashtag for the Tweet in question could be #LinkedIn. So, when people are using Twitter to find the latest posts about LinkedIn, they might search for #SocialMedia. I found out from Hashtagify that 10.6% of the tweets with the #LinkedIn hashtag also use #SocialMedia.

So, I decided to expand my message from point #2 above to:  How to use video on #LinkedIn to help with your #SocialMedia marketing.

One study showed that Twitter posts with more than two hashtags get less engagement.

4. Broadcast your Tweet

Click on the Tweet button on your Twitter page. Paste the above message into your Tweet and add the image. You will see something like the image picture to the right.

(Note that there is a mistake in this tweet. #SocialMedia would have been a better hashtag than #SocialMediaMarketing.)

A step-by-step Twitter Guide

The Social Ms (credible people with 106 K Twitter followers) have a blog post entitled Step-By-Step Guide: From Starting a Twitter Account to Tons of Traffic. They recommend that:

  • A social media marketing campaign should start with Twitter and
  • You should have 10 tweets a day.

This post as a video

Some things such as how to use GIMP may be too sketchy in the above article. They are discussed in the YouTube video below.

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