How to Promote Your Business on Instagram at No Cost

(Last Updated On: December 19, 2017)

 Promote with pictures & hashtags

promoteInstagram is known for having extraordinary eye-catching pictures. So, when you promote on Instagram, make sure you use photos that make people stop and look. (See the page with the 10 sources of free images.)

People find your pictures by using hashtags. These are groups of one or more words with no spaces and a number sign in front. People use them to find messages with a specific theme or content.

What if they want to find something about promoting on Instagram? They might go to the Instagram website and search for #PromoteOnInstagram. (Read about how to find hashtags.)

11 hashtags

For the featured image at the top of this post, look up a logical word such as seashore. Hashtagify will give you related hashtags such as

  • Sea
  • Sky
  • Summer
  • Nature
  • Ocean
  • Water
  • Sand

As you hover over each word in Hashtagify, you will get numbers corresponding to its popularity and to how often it is paired with #seashore.

#Beach is the most popular. So, you search for that but cannot find any new words.

Keep looking at the picture and see what else you can see. I came up with

  • surf
  • waves
  • shore
  • pebbles (This scene has tiny pebbles instead of sand.)
  • blue

Now we have at least 11 hashtags to use in the second comments box.


You will want to make a video that is a maximum of one minute long. You will save it as an MP4 file.

You will have a number of eye-catching pictures. You will use Keynote to make each one fade out.

This is explained in the YouTube video below. It is a reproduction of the MP4 file that tells people how to promote their business on Instagram at no charge.

Upload a video to Instagram

It takes a bit of study to learn how to upload videos to Instagram. Read the blog post entitled How to Upload a Video to Instagram.


MP4 files

MP4 files are video files that use the MP4 format.  They are widely used for sharing high quality video files on the Internet.

To create an MP4 file with ScreenFlow:

Save your ScreenFlow video after you are satisfied that it is finished.
♦ Click File > Export
♦ Follow the instructions and the MP4 file will be saved to your desktop.

To get your MP4 file into Keynote, you simply drag and drop it into a screen.  Then you can surround it with images and text if you wish.



Click to Buy ScreenFlow NowEvery time someone buys ScreenFlow, I get a small commission.  Please support me and purchase ScreenFlow to help cover the cost of producing this tutorial.

Apple Keynote

  • This is the Apple program corresponding to PowerPoint.
  • Software was created so that Steve Jobs could make presentations at Apple events
  • Besides being used for sales presentations, also very useful animation software for making YouTube videos
  • You can manipulate photos, graphics and text in all sorts of weird and wonderful ways.  Then you can copy that into your video.
  • Download a copy and/or learn more here
  • As of this post, the price was $19.99
  • Google search “how buy and download apple keynote”
  • End up in the iTunes store and can download the program
  • Make sure you do not purchase cheaper version
  • It is meant for the Mac desktop, iPad and
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