Quiz About Kelowna

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1) The name Kelowna (meaning "grizzly bear" in the Aboriginal language) was chosen because
2) The first European settlement took place in the Kelowna area in
3) When Kelowna first became a city in 1905, its population was
4) Three of the buildings from the very first Kelowna area European settlement are located in
5) Geologists tell us that, 10,000 years ago, the ice in the Kelowna area was
6) How busy is Kelowna International Airport?
7) The Ogopogo is
8) The White Queens refers to
9) Kalamalka Lake is situated north of Kelowna. Kalamalka is
10) Which river carries the Okanagan Lake water into the Pacific Ocean?
11) What is Kelowna's average high temperature in July & August?
12) The tag line on the Kelowna Virtual Assistant website is
13) What kind of pine trees are along the Eagle View & Quail Flume trails?
14) The colonial home in Guisachan Heritage Park operates as a
15) The Lochview Trail spans the distance between Lochview Road &


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