How to Improve Page Rank with Improved SEO

(Last Updated On: December 19, 2017)

SEO & Google’s page one


Everyone wants to get their website on page 1 of Google. Believe it or not, there are ways of doing that. It’s called SEO (search engine optimization).

After 21 years of website development, I’ve learned lots of tricks for making a website better. I’ll share some of my SEO tricks here. I’m keeping others secret. After all, I do want people to buy my web development services.


Yoast SEO

In order to have good SEO, you should download and install a free WordPress plugin called Yoast SEO. It will guide you into properly using all of the eleven tricks below.

Two sections

This post has 2 sections:

  1. Eleven tricks for improving SEO
  2. How to set up Yoast SEO



Eleven tricks for improving SEO

1. Outbound links

Have at least one hyperlink to a web page that is NOT in your website.

2. Internal links

Have at least one hyperlink to a web page that is within your website.

3. Focus keyword

Have a string of one, two or three words that represent the theme of your web page. That string is called a focus keyword.

4. Focus keyword in alt tags

If you look at the page in Text view, you will see that it is possible to add alt attributes to each picture. You will see a snippet of code beginning with “<img class”. Within that snippet, you will see alt= followed by a set of quotation marks. Copy and paste your focus keyword within those quotation marks.

5. Meta description of page

Have a meta description of your page to help search engines find it. It should be between 120 & 156  characters and include the focus keyword.

6. Focus keyword in 3 subheadings

The focus keyword for this page is SEO. Notice that this focus keyword occurs in at least one and possibly 3 of the subheadings.

7. Keyword density 1 – 2.5%

Google could penalize you and give you a poor rank if you use the focus keyword too often. Keep the density between 1 and 2.5%.

8. Short sentences & easy to read

Learn about the Flesch Reading Score. That article will tell you how to make your pages easy to read. If your page is easy enough to read, you will rank higher on the search engines.

9. 300 words

Have at least 300 words on each of your web pages.

10. Focus keyword in URL

The address of your web page should have the focus keyword within it. For instance, the URL of this web post is The focus keyword is seo.

11. Focus keyword at beginning of page title

Try to have the focus keyword at the very beginning of your main web page title.

However, if you are using Headline Analyzer to write your headline, you may find it impossible to have the focus keyword at the beginning and still get a high enough headline score.

In that case, having a high headline score is more important than having the keyword at the beginning. That’s because a lot more people will read your post if there is a quality headline that draws them in.

How to set up Yoast SEO

  1. Go to one of your WordPress web pages in visual editing mode
  2. Click on Plugins > Add New
  3. In Search Plugins box search for “Yoast SEO”
  4. Install & activate Yoast SEO
  5. In edit view, will see section like one below at bottom of every single page.
    1. Around a dozen points. Keep editing article until most points are green.
      1. Exception –Sometimes it is counter productive to have focus keyword at beginning.

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