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Learn social media one at a time

social mediaA strong social media presence may not be as powerful as paid advertising. However, it is still an important part of your online marketing.

With so many good social media choices, it may seem overwhelming to you. Learn one social medium at a time. Get good at it. Then go on to the next one.

If you wish, we can help you link from any of the social media below to your blog posts & website pages.


social mediaThe best media to start with depends upon your industry & your marketing goals. However, with an estimate billion & a half unique monthly visitors, Facebook is the most popular social medium. So, you likely should start there.

You may want to make up about 15 questions and answers about an interesting topic. One of the questions will relate to your business. Ask us to post it on your Facebook timeline as a quiz.

Have a Facebook page. In it you will promote your business. Every time you post to it, you post something that is entertaining to your audience.

Read the Forbes magazine article called 50 Free Ways to Increase Your Facebook Likes.


social mediaYouTube is almost as popular as Facebook. So, you may want someone in your organization to take the free YouTube video course. Alternately, we can create the YouTube videos for you.

Your cost would be between $70 & $200 per video. Fill in the form below & tell us what would be the objective of having the video. We will come up with a firm quote for you.

See the YouTube blog post for examples of our work, etc.


social mediaThe third most popular social media is Twitter. A post to Twitter is called a tweet. Let’s analyze the two tweets pictured here.

  • Have pictures of author. Helps build trust.
  • Each tweet has larger picture to help tweet get noticed.
  • Notice hashtags such as #PhotoEditing. People search for hashtags to find tweets about particular subject.
  • There is a second hashtag. Use to find them. #photo is one of the 10 most common hashtags that people use when they also use #PhotoEditing.
  • Each tweet links to one of the author’s web pages.
  • People are more likely to retweet if they are asked to.


social mediaOn Instagram you share eye-catching photos and short (under a minute) MP4 videos. Each post should link to one of your web pages. There usually is no personal information. If you follow anyone, it will be someone with interesting pictures.

social mediaYour first comment window should include the URL of a web page that is related to the picture you uploaded. Include eleven or more hashtags in the second comment window so that people are more likely to find your picture.


social mediaWith Pinterest you use attractive pictures to make an attractive larger picture. Your attractive larger picture will link to a page that will help with your marketing.

Pinterest has significantly fewer unique monthly visitors than the four social media above. However, it is ranked here in fifth place because of its special marketing characteristics:

  • The average Pinterest user spends 14.2 minutes pinning every time they log in.
  • Half-life of a pin is 1600 times longer than a Facebook post.
  • Expect your pins to gain MORE visibility over time.
  • Pin can send traffic to your web page MONTHS after it was posted.
  • For more, read Getting Started Guide of Beginners.


social mediaLinkedIn is something like Facebook for businesses. People use it for customers, suppliers, colleagues and anyone else with whom they wish to network.

You should create a LinkedIn account and then set up your profile. I like to write articles with lots of pictures in them. At the bottom of each article there will be a link to an important related blog post.

Help with your social media

social media

If you would like help linking from your social media to your website, fill in the form below. We can create your Pinterest pins, link from your Facebook page to your posts, link from Twitter to your posts, etc.


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