How To Insert Social Media Icons Into Email

Linking from your email to social media profiles

If you include social media icons in your email signature, people can go directly from your email to the web page of your choice. Often you would want your profile to be on a particular social media.

This post talks about how to add those social media icons to your Mac Mail. If you use a different email, you will have to adjust these instructions a bit.

Inserting those social media icons in 9 steps

#1 Find images

Search for Images Facebook logo. Right-click on the logo you like. Save it with a descriptive name.

Repeat procedure for the other logos you want.

#2 Size logos

Using a photo editing program such as GIMP or Photoshop, open each logo. Reduce it to 50 pixels high with a 5 pixel bar on each side.

(That GIMP article explains in detail how to add the 5 pixel bar.)

#3 New message

In Mac Mail, click New Message

#4 Add text to signature

We are adding a snippet of code called a “signature”. It will be made up of text & social media icons. It will be added to the bottom of every email you write if you wish. You will now add a line of underscores, your name, position & other contact information.

#5 Add clickable links

Highlight email address & website URL. Add clickable links to each. Note that the email link will have to have “mailto:” in front of the email address.

The video below explains how to add the email and URL links.

#6 Add social media icons

Drag the 50 pixel high social media icons below the text information. Link each to your corresponding profile.

#7 Snippet into clipboard

Highlight everything you just created & press Cmd C to copy it into clipboard. In Apple Mail menu, select Preference > Signature.

#8 Create signature

Click the + button to add a new signature. If you want this to be the default signature for a specific account, choose the account from the menu on the left before adding the new signature. Enter a name for the signature and press Cmd V to paste your new signature into the box.

#9 Save and test

Click tiny red button in upper left-hand corner. Send yourself a test email and check every hyperlink.

YouTube for further clarification

To understand the above 9 points better, watch the YouTube video below.



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