How to Start Advertising with the Amazing Google AdSense

(Last Updated On: December 19, 2017)

WordPress & Google AdSense

This post tells you how to set up Google AdSense on your WordPress website.


google adsense

Home page

On the the Home page of your brand new Google google adsenseAdSense account, click on the 3 bars to the left of the page title. Then click My Ads > URL channels > New URL channel.

That will let you track the ad based on the website on which it was pasted. This post tells you how to paste ads in each individual blog posts on the Growing Love website.

I clicked on

  • New URL Channel
    • And added URL of each individual blog post

Verify sites to display ads

You may get a message saying that one or more URLs are not verified. If so, this AdSense page will tell you how to verify them.

In the case of the Growing Love website, I verified the Home page URL and then all of the blog posts were automatically verified.

Create ads

google adsenseTo create ad I clicked on

  • on the Manage Sites page
  • Ad Units in the left-hand menu
  • New Ad Unit
    • This gives an explanation of 3 types of ads
    • I chose In-article Ad
      • This is a native type of ad. That means it matches the content of the blog post in which it is pasted.
    • Select > Get Started
    • For Ad Unit Name I chose Growing Love Ad because it was so descriptive
    • I decided to use the default Global Options and clicked Save and Get Code

Copy, paste & see ad

Watch the YouTube video below to see how to copy, paste & see your ad. Note that it can take up to half an hour before your ad will show up.

Ads change over time

The ad on the left was the first ad that showed up on the Five Love Languages post. Several hours later that had changed to the ad on the right.


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