Terms and Conditions

Neither our customers nor we want any unpleasant surprises. And we want rave reviews for all of our projects. (Even negative reviews will be publicly available.) So, let’s keep our communication on a very high level. Please read the very short list of terms and conditions.

Just 5 terms and conditions

  1. The customer will clearly communicate his/her expected objectives they wish to get from the project.
  2. Considering your objectives, Kelowna Virtual Assistant will give you our professional option of what you need. We will give an estimated number of hours to complete the project. You will be charged for those estimated hours and no more. The project will cost you $37(CAD)/hour plus sales tax.
  3. Before the project is started, the customer will pay 25% down.
  4. At one point the  project will be so close to completion that the customer can more or less tell what the end result will  look like. This is when the customer will pay an additional 50%.
  5. Upon completion, the customer will pay the final 25%.

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