How to Create & Market with a Free Twitter Poll

(Last Updated On: December 19, 2017)

Engage your visitors with a Twitter poll

Twitter poll

A Twitter poll can be a good marketing tool. And it can be set up in just minutes.

The idea is to engage your visitors. So, do whatever you want to make them want to read it & getTwitter poll involved. Be serious, be humorous, be off the wall…

This blog post has two parts:

1. How to set up a Twitter poll.
2. How should marketers use Twitter polls?

Setting up your Twitter poll in 5 steps

Twitter poll1. Click on the blue Tweet button 


Twitter poll2. Click on Poll icon


3. Create the question

Twitter poll

Making sure you have two hashtags, create the question.

Twitter poll4. Add choices of answers

You are allowed up to 4 choices.

5. Check final poll

Twitter poll

Look at your final results. Either pat yourself on the back or else delete & redo it.

7 ways to use Twitter polls for marketing

1. Use hashtags

Twitter pollUse exactly two hashtags in each poll.

Let’s examine the hashtags in the poll you see here: What’s your favourite #SocialMedia for #Marketing your brand?

That’s good  hashtag use because:

  • As Buffer Social says, you get most engagement on a Tweet when you use EXACTLY two hashtags.
  • The hashtags are within the Tweet.
  • #SocialMedia is camel backed with an upper case S and M to make the word easier to read.
  • #SocialMedia is a very common hashtag. So, lots of people will search it and accidentally come across your poll.
  • The statistics will tell you that #Marketing is the most common hashtag that accompanies #SocialMedia. (See the Free Web Design Club blog post about

2. Embed Twitter polls within blog posts

  1. Click the  icon located within the Tweet.
  2. From the menu, select Embed Tweet.
  3. If the Tweet is a reply to another Tweet, you can uncheck the Include parent Tweet checkbox to hide the original Tweet.
  4. If the Tweet includes media, you can uncheck the Include media checkbox to hide photos, GIFs, or videos displayed alongside a Tweet.
  5. Copy and paste the code provided into your blog or website.

Some of you will know how to embed the HTML code in your blog post. Others will not. If you do not know how, see the end notes.

3. Promoting a brand with a poll

Careful about promoting your brand with a poll. People may unfollow you if you are just trying to promote a good or a service.

If you use your poll for promoting a product, do it in such a way that the promotion is secondary.

Twitter poll

4. Asking for opinions

One safe way to promote a brand is to ask for their opinion about it.Twitter poll People like being asked for their opinions.

It could be about a

  • New product
  • Ad you are running
  • New store location
  • New service…

5. Customer feedback

Another safe way to promote your brand with a Twitter poll is to ask for feedback about a product or service. You can ask about their

  • Favourite flavour
  • Favourite feature
  • Customer support

Don’t forget to think about the answers you get. Ask yourself about any ways you could serve your customers better.

6. Website traffic

If worded correctly, a poll can be a way of sending traffic to your website. Think about how the Twitter poll below helps to send people to a web page.

Twitter poll

7. Live events

Twitter poll

Think about American’s Got Talent. Remember the way Howie Mandel used to Tweet and tell you how something was trending on Twitter.

That’s a prime example of using Twitter at a live event to get people more involved with a brand.

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End notes — Embedding the HTML code in 4 steps

1. Copy code into clipboard

Twitter poll

After you select “Embed Tweet” you will see some HTML code like you see here enclosed in Red. If the code has been selected, click Cmd C to copy it into your clipboard.

2. Add blank lines

Twitter pollThen, in Visual view, find the point below which you wish to embed the Tweet. Press the Enter key a number of times to add blank lines. (The purpose of the blank lines is to help you find the insertion point in your source code.)

3. Find the insertion point

Twitter pollGo into your code in Text view. Scroll down and you will see a number of lines with nothing but this HTML code in it:  . That is the code that creates the blank lines.

4. Embed the code

Select most of those codes that created the blank lines. Press Cmd V. That will paste your Twitter code. Press the blue Update button and view your post. You will see that the Tweet has been embedded into your blog post.

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