Virtual Assistants Wanted, Very Flexible Hours

What are your online talents?

virtual assistantsWe need virtual assistants to help with our various projects. So, in which of these areas can you help out?

  • Website design
  • Editing very rough blog posts
  • Telephone interviewing to get data for a blog post
  • Social media marketing
  • YouTube video creation
  • Animated GIF creation
  • WooCommerce
  • Project management.

We need virtual assistants to help with any projects you see on the home page.

Virtual assistants paid per project

virtual assistantsWe estimate the number of hours a project will take. Based on that, we give each client a fixed price for a project. If the project takes longer than expected, our hourly earnings go down. If the project takes less time than expected, our hourly earnings go up.

To determine your earnings, we estimate what percentage of the total project you’ll be responsible for. We start paying low — 25% of your percentage of the project goes to you.

Each time a client gives your project a 5-star rating, your commission goes up 5% until it gets up to 55%. (I.e., it goes up 5% if we do not have to edit your contribution.)

At that point you have the privilege of asking to become a project manager. You will be given an email from a client and will communicate with the client to come up with an estimate.

As soon as the client pays their 25% down, you can begin the project. If it gets a 5-star rating without any help from management, your commission goes up to 65%.

Quality work

virtual assistantsAbout the highest priority for this company is to give very high quality work. If you think you can consistently give high quality work, fill in the form below. Include a link to a portfolio of your work.

Love & teamwork

virtual assistantsPeople who do best at their jobs love their work. So, we want people who love the type of work virtual assistants do.

Part of loving your work involves working efficiently with your clients and other virtual assistants. So, part of your job description includes being a good team player.

When the individual members succeed, the team succeeds.

You may not work independently with a client that Kelowna Virtual Assistant has acquired through its marketing efforts.  If you do, there is a $10,000 charge for that.

To become part of our virtual assistants team, fill in the form below

Include a link to your portfolio and a description of the work you would like to do.

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