How to Monetize a Popular Blog That’s Read Worldwide

Many ads for one advertising campaign

If your blog is read worldwide, it does not make sense that all your advertising is aimed at one specific country. “But,” your wondering, “how can I find advertising that aims at every country?”

It is very difficult. However, there is a workaround used by one company I work with. It’s called a Smartlink. This software works behind the scenes to find a number of different ads for one campaign. Each ad will be specific to a geographical area.

Here’s how to set up your international campaign.

Setting up a worldwide advertising campaign in ___ steps


  1. Register at no charge with AdWork Media
  2. Click Campaigns in the horizontal menu
  3. Click top Intl Campaigns
  4. From the horizontal menu, select Tools > Global Traffic Monetizer
  5. Click Create a New Global Traffic Monetizer Link
  6. You’ll see the Global Traffic Monetizer Profile Details panel
  7. Give it a name that describes your campaign. (I used Top Intl Campaigns)
  8. In all likelihood your traffic will be incentivized. Check your Top Intl Campaigns to make sure.
  9. Leave Pop Frequency on click once/hour
  10. Click green button on bottom
  11. Click on the short URL beneath the name of your campaign. This will select it.
  12. Cmd C to copy into clipboard

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