How to Take Advantage of YouTube Search

(Last Updated On: December 19, 2017)

“How to” with a YouTube search

When people want to know how to get a skunk smell off their dog, how to unplug their toilet or how to do just about anything, millions of them will simply search for it on YouTube. A YouTube search is made 3 BILLION times a month. That makes YouTube the second largest search engine in the world!

You too can learn how to create YouTube videos and take advantage of the YouTube search.

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How to create an affordable YouTube video
How to make animated GIFs
How to link to middle of web page
YouTube statistics


YouTube statistics

  • BILLION unique users each month
  • 50% of all Internet users use YouTube
  • 65% of video viewers watch more than three quarters of the video
  • 100 hours of video uploaded each minute
  • 2nd largest search engine in world
  • A YouTube search is made 2 billion  times a month
  • YouTube searchUsing the word “video” in an email subject line increases open rate by 19%
  • 55% of people watch videos online every day
  • Purchased by Google for $1.65 billion
  • 6 billion hours of video viewed monthly
  • Including video in a landing page can increase conversion rate by 19%
  • >25% of YouTube watch time is on mobile
  • 62% of YouTube viewers are male
  • Close to 50% of Internet users watch a video related to a product or service before visiting a store
  • 54% of senior executives share work-related videos with colleagues weekly
  • According to Forrester Research, a one minute video is worth the same as 1.8 million words
  • Online shoppers who view product videos are 1.8 times as likely to buy
  • Almost 2 thirds of consumers prefer videos less than 60 seconds
  • Marketers with video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video marketers
  • People spend 2.6x more time on pages with video

Statistics sources: Insivia, Video Brewery & Cohlab.

Easy to make your own

Are you convinced yet? In this day and age, it is foolish to not use video and not take advantage of YouTube search.

“How to” videos are a very popular YouTube search. Make how to YouTube videos that promote your products & services.

It’s easy to make “how to” videos. Just practice using the points below.

Tight budget

We’ll show you how to make your YouTube videos. Here’s a few tips for people on a tight budget.

  • Never go more that 3 seconds without movement
  • If you have a Mac, you can start making amazing videos for less than $300
    • YouTube searchAll you need is Keynote ($20 USD)
    • And Screenflow ($129 USD)
    • Animated GIF here was made in less than an hour using only Keynote & ScreenFlow.
    • Illustrates how you can add movement using Keynote
    • Make excellent YouTube videos without a movie camera

Getting started

  • Buy Keynote & Screenflow
    • Can get ScreenFlow on a free trial
  • Choose simple topic
  • Find pictures
  • Make very simple stories involving those pictures
  • Each panel on left represents a new slide
  • Click New icon to add new slide
  • Select 2 rectangles & press Delete
  • Drag & drop pictures from Finder to middle of large panel
  • Click blue Inspector icon
  • Select pictures & add effects to them
    • (See animated GIF above for samples of Keynote effects)
  • YouTube searchClicking New icon creates new slide panel below one that is open
  • Add text here & there
  • Add various effects to text
  • Keep practicing until you are good at it


Animated GIFs

Because animated GIFs are so quick & simple to make compared to YouTube videos, you should practice making lots of them.

  • Notice simple animated GIF above
    • Less than hour to make
    • Links to page with lots of information
    • How to make animated GIF like that one
      • Keep these numbers in mind for all animated GIFs
        • Maximum dimension: 500 x 500 px
        • Maximum number of colours that will show up: 256
        • Maximum size that can be uploaded into WordPress: 2 MB
        • So, if your animated GIF is not working, look at size
      • Make extraordinary ads
        • Every reader of website will notice
        • Make & display in such a way that not too big a distraction
      • Choose simple but different background
      • Indicate solution to a problem
      • Give CTA (call to action)
        • E.g. click on it and show how to buy
    • How to create this animated GIF 
    • Write script
    • Open Keynote
    • Choose White theme
    • Name animated GIF
      • Use Save As link
    • Drag borders to that screen is approximately square
    • Choose simple background image
    • Drag & drop image into Keynote slide
    • Click blue Inspector icon
    • Select Action > Opacity > 20%
    • Click image to select
    • Cmd C to copy into clipboard
    • Click New twice
    • Select & delete everything in slides
    • Cmd V to paste background image into each slide
    • Click Text Box icon
    • Change size & colour and make bold
    • Add script to appropriate slides
    • Use Blast effect for top slide
    • Use Bouncy for one second for second slide
    • Iris for 3rd
    • Open top slide
    • Click Play repeatedly to check your work
    • Open ScreenFlow & record
    • Click camera icon
    • File > Rename
    • Give it a DESCRIPTIVE name
    • Change size to 500 x 500 pixels
    • Click green check mark button
    • Select video clip
    • Make sure Video has been selected in upper right-hand corner
    • Move red vertical bar so that most text shows
    • Move bar so that all of text shows
    • Now you do lots of Right-click > Split clip to remove
      • Everything with a dark back background
      • Everything that does not have at least a tiny bit of text
    • File > Export > Animated GIF
    • Check Desktop folder to make sure size is less than 2 MB
    • Link to page that has CTA
      • In this case it links to a page that give all details about getting animated GIF

How to Create a Link to the Middle of a Web Page

In the event that the link went to quickly for you to grasp, look at the bullet points below:

  • In Edit mode, find point to which you wish to link
  • Add about 10 blank lines above it
    • That makes it easier to find the spot in source code
  • Click Text button
    • That displays source code
  • Scroll down to those blank lines
  • Select every one except bottom one
  • Add 2 sets of angle brackets (<><>)
  • Add a name = “” id = “” into first set of angle brackets
  • Add /a into second set of angle brackets
  • Add search term to first set of quotation marks
    • (Search term to link to this section was middle)
  • Double click on search term to select
  • Cmd C to copy into clipboard
  • Cmd V to paste within second set of quotation marks
    • Code to get people to above widow is a name = <“middle” id = “middle”></a>
  • Save & view page
  • Add number sign (#) to end of URL
  • Cmd V to paste search word after number sign
  • Copy entire URL into clipboard
  • Add URL to linking word(s) within blog post

How to create an Affordable YouTube video

This section will tell how to make a video like the one below.


To get started creating your video, make sure you have a Mac computer. Then download:

Then start creating the video:

Try creating a video like the “screenshot” video above:

  • YouTube searchOpen ScreenFlow
    • Click on the camera icon that just showed up
    • Begin performing all the actions to capture part of your computer screen
    • Click on camera icon to stop recording
    • File > Rename and give your recording a descriptive name
      • (It will show up in the Movies folder)
  • Write a script that matches the video you just recorded
  • Gather images to go with that script
    • Try free images, Adobe stock & screenshots of small portions of your computer screen
      • Press Cmd/Shift/4 at the same time to take screenshot of small portion of screen. It will show up in your Desktop folder. Alternately, you could download a more sophisticated screenshot program from Skitch. Timeline image below was created with Skitch.
  • Open Keynote

YouTube search

    • Above image shows 3 slides
      • 1st is title of video
      • 2nd is exit shot
      • 3rd is blank
        • Drag quality image from Finder to screen
          • YouTube searchImage must relate to story in video
        • Click image to select it
        • Click blue Inspector icon
        • Click Action > Opacity
        • Move Opacity slider to around 25%
        • Change duration to one second
        • (Watch the Title section of above video again. Notice how the background image became faded enough to allow the title to show up. That’s what Opacity does.)
        • Click Text Box icon
        • Type out a title
        • YouTube searchSelect it
        • Change text to bold
        • Change font size & colour
          • After finding approximate size, use Cmd+ and Cmd- to make font a bit larger or a bit smaller
        • Centre title on screen
        • In the Inspector panel select
          • YouTube searchFly In
          • Right to left
          • Duration of 4 seconds
        • In the second Keynote slide create a similar action for the Exit
        • Select first slide and click Play repeatedly to check your work
          • Concentrate on getting the timing right
        • Record your title and exit sequences:
          • Click on ScreenFlow camera icon
          • Make sure you are at the top slide
          • Using the right timing, repeatedly click the Play button
        • After finish, Camera icon to stop recording
        • File > Rename to give video a descriptive name
        • Delete audio part
        • YouTube searchRight-click > Split Clip to delete to beginning & end of clip to make title slide that is not part of story
      • Click Resize Canvas Area button
      • Change canvas size to 1920 x 1080 pixels and click green check mark
      • YouTube searchMaking sure clip & video icon are selected, move slider so that video fits perfectly into canvas
      • Click Camera Icon > Configure Recording
      • Make sure Record Audio from Built-in Microphone is selected
      • Record yourself reading the script into built-in microphone
      • Finish recording & File > Rename to give file descriptive YouTube searchname
      • Select clip with audio waves
        • Cmd C
        • Cmd V to paste onto timeline that has video clip
        • YouTube searchClick Audio icon
          • Move slider to right to raise volume & click Action > OK
      • Test out your volume
        • If that is too loud, repeat action with volume less than 190%
      • YouTube searchOne at a time, remove blank space between voice clips
      • Have one second or a bit less between sound clips
      • Edit video clips to match sound clips
      • There must be NO space between video clips
      • Note how a new video clip often ends at the same point ofYouTube search time when a new audio clips begins
      • Use right-click > Add Freeze Frame or right-click > Show Clip Inspector to get the clip to end at just the right spot
      • Add Title video clip and Exit video clip to video.
      • After all of your spoken word is in, go to your YouTube account.
          • Click on Help at bottom of screen
          • Search for free music > Get Music from Audio Library
          • Click on Audio Library
          • Click Genre, Mood and/or Instrument to help find music that matches video

        YouTube search

        • Click Downloads arrow so that music will be in your Downloads folder
        • YouTube searchDrag & drop music from Downloads folder to timeline
        • Next step is audio ducking
          • Making background go quieter while speaking is happening
          • Select all voice clips
          • Click Audio icon
          • Click Ducking checkbox
          • Slide number up to 19
          • YouTube searchAction > OK
          • Select Music clips
          • In Audio mode change music volume to 48%
          • Action > OK
          • Watch video to see if sound is agreeable to you
          • If not, adjust volume & Ducking number until you like it
        • File > Publish to > YouTube to publish to your YouTube channel


  • Read this section of the blog post over several times. As you are doing that, watch the YouTube video below. It will help you to understand what is going on.

Practice, practice, practice

Are you taking advantage of YouTube search yet? If not, choose someone in your organization to practice making animated GIFs and then YouTube videos. While they are learning, use the GIFs to promote your products. Eventually your business can start using YouTube search on a regular basis.


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